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A 24 hr interactive internet experience.




Starting Wednesday October 28th 1998 we were on the air from Hartford Connecticut U.S.A. from 10:00pm Eastern Standard time until whenever... In our first week we gave away cds and other cool stuff.It is very exciting here in the NightRaven studios.Our first week was very tiring but it is starting to look like it will pay off very well.We ran a test run on Tuesday the 28th of October 1998 and actually got a few listeners.We have to give the first shoutout to our very first listener,Taffy from Wisconsin.Great to have u with us..


We really wanted to make this an interactive experience with the world so if you are an artist send in your work and we will post it on this site.If you are an author and want to get your work seen we will post your work.The best part though is the contests.We will be giving away some great prizes.Cd's,video games,and who knows what else.If you have any ideas on what great prizes we can offer than let us know.


To be a completely interractive station we need your help please make your requests heard by e-mail,icq or the telephone.We have little to no format with the exception of a few shows that you will find in the programming schedule on the programming schedule.We will play anything from Aerosmith to Will Smith to Alanis Morisette to Pink Floyd 
There are a lot of things that make us very different from any other Internet radio around.When radio first started they came up with a catch phrase for those guys who played the music on the radio they were then and are still to this day called djs.

Years later another astounding development occured that was Mtv music television,but they were not called djs so a completely new term was developed.The Vj was born.

Now it has happened again see we are not Djs here because we broadcast solely over the Internet so now has come the..


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